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CNX is redefining how natural gas is manufactured and disrupting the energy paradigm.
A low-cost, low-risk natural gas manufacturer, CNX is redefining the energy industry while delivering long term intrinsic value for shareholders.


CNX CEO Nick Deluliis and CFO Don Rush dive deeper into CNX’s leading financial metrics and how the company is redefining natural gas manufacturing. Watch the video to learn how CNX is staying ahead of the curve–today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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CNX Investment Thesis

Our innovative approach to natural gas is helping to meet the world's growing demands and driving peak financial results. Download our latest investor presentation to learn more about:

  • CNX’s history of relentless cost reduction, strategic price hedging and significant infrastructure investment.
  • How we’re positioned to generate sustainable free cash flow while protecting downside risk amidst market fluctuations.

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Investor News & Updates

CNX reports Q3 earnings results, provides supplemental information and presentation materials.

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CNX Releases New Materials Outlining Company Investment Thesis and Capital Markets Communication Approach Following Upstream/Midstream Merger.

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Pillar 1


Lowest cost manufacturer of natural gas, crucial for today's and tomorrow's economy

Pillar 2


Consistently generating substantial FCF/share; rational capital allocators focused on growing long-term intrinsic value/share

Pillar 3


Our Corporate Culture and focus on capital allocation creates substantial equity and credit upside, with numerous high return investment options

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Natural gas is a crucial foundation of our economy, both now and into the future. CNX's non-replicable, best-in-class free cash flow generation plan gives us significant flexibility to drive strong returns on investment, finance new production, seize market opportunities, and pay down debt. We are ruthlessly rational about capital allocation to grow per share value, and as the lowest cost manufacturer of the molecule that makes the modern world possible, we’re uniquely positioned to move effortlessly through all phases of the commodity pricing cycle. We look forward to discussing how our unparalleled approach could benefit your investment dollars.

For additional information, please contact:

Tyler Lewis, Vice President, Investor Relations
Phone: (724) 485-3157



Southwestern, CNX See Challenges, Advantages in Meeting Growing LNG Demand



CNX wins Market MVP Award from PJM Emergency Load Resource Program


CNX Issues 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report and Articulates Vision for the Future
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From the safety of our employees to the environment and communities in which we work and live, CNX’s corporate responsibility efforts are rooted in our core values and woven throughout the fabric of our corporate culture.

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