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CNX pays royalties to landowners whose parcels are leased with us and are in production. Royalty checks are typically issued 60 days following the end of a production month. For example, royalties for January production will be sent to you in mid-April. Generally, checks are generated for accounts totaling $25 or more in Virginia and $100 or more in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, unless the lease specifies otherwise.

We are pleased to announce CNX Resources Corporation has implemented the latest software for its revenue processing through Quorum Business Solutions. In doing so, we have partnered with Oildex to provide a significantly expanded Owner Relations section of the CNX Resources Corporation website. We are excited to offer this new website as a convenient and efficient online account management tool for our interest owners. 

You can find the Oildex online resource here:

Through Oildex, royalty owners can view their past and current check stubs, an explanation of their check stub details, and a summary of their payments. This online tool also allows royalty owners to have revenue details emailed to them when new payments post to their account. Finally, Oildex also has a question-and-answer section regarding frequently asked payment inquiries.

As we transition to our new system and this new site, we are taking steps to migrate the data, with strict validations in place, to ensure proper payment to our royalty owners. CNX is currently processing payment data for Oildex to print checks, mail checks to our owners and display all payment detail on its website.  Any direct deposit directive you have provided will remain in place through PNC.  We ask that you are patient with this process for our first revenue run as you could potentially experience a delay in receipt of your royalty payments or see check detail that is unfamiliar to you.
As always, CNX takes very seriously the obligation to our owners and will work diligently to facilitate payment. In the interim, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Land Records Group.

If the FAQs below do not address your inquiry, please email your question or comment to Land Administration or leave a message at the following number. We will research your inquiry and get back to you. You will likely receive a quicker response if you contact us through email.
(866) 829-0103

FAQs regarding leases, deeds, royalties and other payments:


Address Change

CNX requires signed and written notification of your address change. Please complete the Address Change Form and return it to

Estate Proceedings

Owner died with a will-

  • Record will in county where property is located
  • Send the following documentation to
    • Copy of recorded will
    • Copy of decedent’s death certificate
    • Addresses and W-9 forms of person(s) to whom property passes

Owner died without a will-

  • Complete Affidavit of Heirship Form
    • Note:  Must be completed by someone familiar with the family, but not due to inherit from decedent
  • Record copy of affidavit in county where property is located
  • Send the following documentation to
    • Copy of recorded affidavit
    • Copy of decedent’s death certificate
    • Addresses and W-9 forms of heirs at law


Send the following documentation to

  • Copy of trust agreement
  • Copy of recorded conveyance to the trust
  • Trust tax information

Name Changes

For name changes due to marriage or divorce, please send a copy of either the marriage certificate, divorce decree or name change order to


If you have purchased property from a mineral owner, please provide a copy of the recorded deed, addresses and W-9 forms for each grantee to

Joint Tenancy Death

If property is held in joint tenancy and one of the joint tenants dies, please provide a death certificate, addresses and W-9 information for remaining joint tenant(s) to

Life Tenant Death

If life tenant dies, please provide a death certificate, addresses and W-9 information for remaindermen to

Royalty Payment Questions

What does my check represent and why am I being paid?

The payment type you are receiving is identified on your check stub, in small print above the agreement number/agreement date fields. See below for a brief description of each payment type (all payment types are dictated by the terms of your oil and gas lease):

  • Royalty: Percentage of total well production paid by the Lessee to the mineral/oil and gas owner.
  • Flat Rate: Not calculated by well production. Payments issued under a certain frequency and amount proportionate to your interest.
  • Minimum Royalty Payment: Payments issued to meet minimum requirements defined in your lease. For example, some leases recite that "…No payment hereunder shall ever be less than one dollar ($1.00) per net mineral acre per year." If the metered royalty payments do not equal your proportionate share of the $1.00 per net mineral acre per year, then you will be issued a Minimum Royalty Payment to make up the difference.
  • Shut-In: Payments are made in absence of production from an existing well. Each lease differs on what conditions must be met for you to be eligible for a shut-in payment; however, the payment will only be issued for the period of time these requirements are met.
  • Rental: Payments are issued under a certain frequency and may exist for the duration of lease or until an activity occurs on your property that warrants a different type of payment (i.e. royalty).
  • Extension: Payments that extend the negotiated term of the lease for an additional period of time.

I am receiving payment. Who else is receiving payment?

Unfortunately, due to privacy laws, CNX cannot provide information regarding other interest owners.

Can you send me only one check per year if the amount of check is nominal (i.e. .05 cents)?

All payments are issued pursuant to the terms of the lease. However, we may be willing to amend the agreement for a more convenient, alternative payment structure. Please contact us at

Why are withholding taxes being deducted from my check?

We may not have an IRS Form W-9 on file for you. Please complete and return the W-9 Form and send to Once we receive this information we will stop withholding taxes.

Can I get a stale check reissued? I've lost my check. Can I get a new one issued?

Yes—please send your contact information, agreement number, owner identification number and the approximate date your check should have been received to

Does CNX offer direct deposit for payments?

Yes—if you receive royalties from metered oil and gas wells, you can apply for Direct Deposit by sending the Direct Deposit Form to

I did not get a 1099. How do I get one?

In order for you to be eligible to receive a 1099 for the prior year, you must have been paid in excess of $600 in rental payments (bonus, rental and extension) and/or $10 in royalty (flat rate, minimum royalty and shut-in). If the amount you received last year is in excess of the necessary amount for your payment type, please send a request for a replaced 1099 to Make sure you provide your complete contact information, agreement number and owner identification number if available.

My social security number is wrong on my 1099. Can I get it fixed?

Yes—please complete and return the IRS Form W9 with a letter that briefly describes your needs. It will not update your existing information but will change the information going forward.



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